Elevate the ordinary, thrive where you’re planted.

Lots of people want to sit down to a hot dinner every night, grow some of their own food or just focus on making their home comfortable and beautiful. Too often, busy schedules and a lack of resources make those sort of old-fashioned, purposeful tasks seem impossible. It’s easy to think you need tons of time, money or expertise to cook delicious dinners, bake your own bread, grow a garden, or set a beautiful table. The truth is, you CAN do any of those things and you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to fit them into your life.

I’m Heather and I’m here to help you add some splendor (whatever that means to you) to your life. Scroll around and you’ll find information on gardening , urban homesteading and homemaking, cooking, growing your own food, setting the table, collecting and caring for silver, china and linens and much more. Let’s elevate the ordinary together. 

  • Vanilla cake topped with apple slices that have been poached in cognac

Apple Cinnamon Cake

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    • herb bed

    Growing Herbs

    Growing herbs Making herbs part of your garden: a permaculture approach Growing herbs, whether culinary, medicinal or ornamental, is incredibly popular. For many people, "growing herbs" means "a plot of garden specifically designated for ...READ MORE


    • homemade chive salt

    How to Make Chive Salt

    How to make chive salt It is very simple to combine fresh chives and sea salt to make chive salt. It is important, however, to use the right ratio of chives to salt because ...READ MORE


    Myths about Splendor

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