Hi. Thanks for coming. I’m Heather.

A little bit about me

I like old houses, antique furniture and art. Cocktails, gardening, cooking and nature all bring me joy. I collect chickens and china. Being a good steward of the land is vitally important to me. I’m doing my best to homestead on a small city lot and learning to own the label of ‘urban homesteader’. I grow a lot of the food we eat, and preserve it and more. My herb garden is huge because I just can’t say no to them. These are all topics I write about here.

I live with Cedric the Husky, three cats, (who are all a little bit extra), and my husband, who’s pretty great. He sometimes contributes a recipe to this site, and is a wonderful cook, an excellent handyman and a fantastic portrait photographer. We’ve got a flock of backyard chickens (Petunia, Lily, Ginevra, Bellatrix and Narcissa).  You can read more about the Flock here.

I’m a retired theatrical wig designer. Over a decade ago, I founded and continue to operate Custom Wig Company. I’m an enthusiastic entrepreneur and I’m really enjoying growing Hey Big Splendor into a thriving resource for growers, home makers, and people who like to be a little bit fancy sometimes. Recently, I’ve started a local micro market garden here in Louisville, called Splendor in The Ville. I sell herbs, eggs and produce. It’s a passion project that gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

What you’ll find on Hey Big Splendor

You can expect to read about cooking and food, fancy table settings and entertaining, gardening, collecting, growing and preserving food and housekeeping.

For better or worse, my articles tend to be on the long side and, at least right now, I don’t do videos.

Whether you’re an experienced cook or gardener looking for inspiration or someone new to the kitchen, I think you’ll find a place here.

Looking for my mission statement for this site? Check out What is Splendor? 

My goal is to elevate the ordinary because life is short – we should make it beautiful whenever we can. If you like my content or find it helpful, you can Buy Me a Coffee or just use some of the affiliate product links in my posts to make purchases. Both will help me cover the cost of writing content.

I also publish on Medium. Some of those posts overlap the content here but I also write about running a small creative business and other entrepreneur content.