Birds of a Splendor and Backyard Birdwatching.

How to get the most out of feeding and watching backyard birds. Learn how to attract birds to your yard and how to set up bird feeders. There’s plenty of information on how to attract goldfinches, one of my favorite birds. You can also find out how to make birds use your feeders and what makes birds use a birdbath.

Backyard birdwatching is an enjoyable activity anyone can take part in. You don’t even need to set up bird feeders or buy binoculars to get to know your local birds. But it’s not too difficult to go further and plant your garden to attract and support birds, including species that don’t usually visit feeders.

Check out information on the best bird feeders, how to get started with feeding backyard birds and surprising things you should know about birdwatching and birds.

Things You Need to Know about Backyard Birds

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Put a Bird In It – Getting Birds to use a Bird Bath

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How to get started with backyard bird feeders

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How to Attract Goldfinches

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Getting Started with Backyard Bird Watching

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