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Sundays at home with Neville.

Hi. Thanks for coming.  This site is dedicated to a celebration of splendor, to elevating life and kicking things up a notch, at least some of the time. If you want to throw fabulous dinner parties, cook lovely food, make your home and garden beautiful and use the  “good” china for any (or no) reason at all, you’re in the right place.

Don’t think you need to to have tons of money or a fancy house or expensive things to strive for splendor. Splendor is about what you do with what you’ve got, how you put a little (or a lot) of gilding on the ordinary.


About me:

I like old things (houses, art, furniture), shiny things (silver, gilding, a touch of ormolu), tasty things (cocktails, good food) and making my home and garden beautiful.  I like a little bit of pomp in every day life, because life is short and it might as well be fancy. I have three cats who are all a little bit extra, and a husband, who’s pretty great. We live in Lousiville, KY, so prepare for lots of bourbon and horse racing.


Specifically, you can expect to hear about cooking and food, fancy table settings and entertaining, gardening, collecting shiny things, nature (the ultimate authority on splendor) and books because those are the things that add splendor to my life. I claim no expertise, in fact, I’m a total novice about a lot of things, but I’m on a journey.

You can follow along on Instagram @hey_big_splendor.

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