Splendor in The Ville – A Louisville Market Garden

Hey Big Splendor is based in Louisville, KY and is pleased to offer fresh cut herbs, flowers and vegetables for local pick up via our micro market garden. These herbs, flowers and veggies are surplus from my very own garden, and are offered for purchase based on availability. All of my offerings are grown without chemical interventions, including pesticides and herbicides. I use organic methods and permaculture practices, including no tilling, on-site composting and beneficial insects. When you purchase fresh herbs and vegetables from Splendor in The Ville, you’re not just getting delicious, super-fresh produce – you’re supporting my efforts at creating a balanced and nurturing native habitat.

Visit the Market Garden page to place your order for locally grown fresh herbs

Why should you buy fresh herbs and vegetables from Splendor in The Ville?

The herbs and vegetables I’m offering are simply the surplus from my own garden. They’re the very same plants my family eats from. Your herbs or vegetables will be cut just before you pick them up. They’re growing right here in the city, in good Kentucky soil and under a blue Kentucky sky. These are some of the best fresh herbs in Louisville and I know you’ll love them.

I use minimal packaging, usually just a plain cardstock tag with your name and a little jute twine. The cardstock is compostable or recyclable and jute is very eco friendly. The only carbon footprint for these herbs is your trip over here to pick them up. My entire garden is designed to support native Kentucky plants and provide maximum support for our butterflies, native bees and beneficial insects. I am passionate about growing and eating locally and about using permaculture practices to help the land and ecosystem. 

In short, the produce I grow has a positive effect on the city environment and it’s almost as fresh as if you grew them yourself. Fresh, hand-picked herbs and vegetables grown with care, right here in Louisville. And buying your fresh herbs and vegetables from me helps support both a local business and my efforts to provide a supportive habitat for birds, bees and butterflies. 

What do I do with fresh herbs?

The word ‘herbs’ is commonly used to reference kitchen herbs like basil, thyme, oregano or mint. There are tons of flavorful, leafy plants that can add tremendous flavor to your food. If you’ve only experienced herbs in their dried form, fresh herbs will change your life.

While it’s true that herbs are  often grown for culinary use, there are many plants that fall under the umbrella of ‘herbs’ and their uses extend beyond food. Try steeping fresh chamomile flowers for a relaxing, delicious tea. Use some Kentucky Colonel mint in your next julep or mojito – you’ll be amazed at the flavor of super fresh mint. If you’re feeling anxious, lemon balm, as either a tea or a tincture, can be very calming. Lavender is incredibly aromatic and is a great way to keep your linen smelling fresh.

There are so many reasons to buy fresh herbs, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

How do I place an order for fresh herbs, vegetables or other produce?

It’s so easy! Every Thursday day, starting April 16,  I’ll update the Market Garden Store with the week’s available produce or eggs. Some weeks, there will be a lot of variety and other weeks, there might only be a few things. Availability will depend on the season and demand.

You can see what’s available and then add what you’d like to your cart. From there, just check out and pay. On Saturday your order will be packed and waiting for you between 10 and 4. Pickup is only available during those times. Your order will be labeled and ready for you to take and go.

You can place an order any time but please be advised that you must complete your purchase by 4 PM Friday in order to pick it up the next day. Any order placed after Friday night will be filled for the following Saturday!

Orders are by pickup in Louisville only. Shipping and delivery are not available.

Which fresh herbs are available?

A good portion of my herb garden is perennial, and produces at least some yield all year long. Other plants are annuals, so they only grow in the spring and/or summer. Availability is always subject to change and this is not an exhaustive list.

Common culinary herbs available most of the year:

Tender perennial herbs that may not be available in the coldest months

  • French tarragon
  • spearmint
  • Kentucky Colonel spearmint
  • Mojito mint
  • catnip

Flowering perennial and annual herbs that will only be available during bloom time:

  • chamomile
  • lavender
  • anise hyssop
  • calendula

Annual Herbs

  • Genovese basil, opal basil, cinnamon basil
  • Thai basil
  • holy basil
  • marjoram
How to grow herbs

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