Splendor in the Ville is a micro Market Garden and Home Processor selling homegrown, fresh cut herbs and produce. If you’re looking for fresh herbs in Louisville, you’ve come to the right place.

Fresh herbs are only available for local pickup by appointment only, April-October.

Locally Grown Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are available in limited quantities. The inventory is updated every Wednesday. Orders placed by 5PM on Friday will be ready for pick up on Saturday.

Regular pick up is Saturday from 11:-2. To pick your order up at a different time, please email HeyBigSplendor@gmail.com to arrange a time.

Splendor in the Ville is based in Beechmont area of Louisville, near the Community Center.

There are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges, including due to missing the pickup.

Fresh Herb Quantities – Bunches and Bundles

Unless indicated, herbs are sold in “bunches” roughly as pictured. The herbs will be cut just before pickup time and will be fresh and flavorful. The herbs won’t be washed or otherwise processed. In most cases the herbs will still be intact, meaning leaves on stems. One exception to this is our midsummer Pesto Pack, which is nothing but fresh basil leaves.

Cooking With Fresh Herbs

If you’re not already cooking with fresh herbs, you’re in for a treat.

If you already use herbs in the kitchen, you’re going to love getting them right here in town.

You can do more with your fresh herbs than cook. Check out how to make herb butter, herb oil or herb salts to preserve the flavor.

Louisville Market Garden

Buying your fresh herbs in Louisville supports my micro Market Garden and helps me share fresh food and produce. The Splendor in the ‘Ville garden uses permaculture practices to support a diverse, healthy ecosystem. My goal is to grow food for us and all the insects and wildlife that depend on a healthy food web.

In the summer, there will also be flowers, vegetables and eggs from the Splendid Flock.

And don’t forget to check out my homegrown and homemade Herb Salts. They’re the perfect way to enjoy fresh herb flavor any time.