Flowers are pretty, yes, but many of them are also delicious! From delicate purple chive blossoms to peppery nasturiums and even rose hips, flowers have a lot to offer in the kitchen.

Edible flowers will be available in limited quantities for limited times. If you’ve never tried eating flowers, you’re going to love adding them to your table. Don’t want to eat them fresh? Dried flowers are also tasty and can be used for teas, soups, stews, marinades and salts!

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    Fresh chamomile in Louisville now available

    Sold by the scoop. Each scoop is approximately half an ounce. Chamomile flowers have been steeped and enjoyed as a soothing tea for centuries. Most tea bags and mixes use dried flowers and leaves but the fresh flowers have an extraordinary flavor and they're very pretty. You can also dry the flowers at home to make tea in the future. While tea is probably the most common association with chamomile, it has lots of other uses, too. As a culinary herb, chamomile adds a light floral flavor to desserts though it's best used by infusing butter, oil or another ingredient. When it comes to skin care, chamomile is a champion. It's relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory, making it perfect in baths or as part of a salve or balm. Learn more about Growing and Using Chamomile
    DISCLAIMER: As with any medicine or medicinal substance, consult your doctor before using. The information offered here is just that, information. It is not given as advice or medical guidance. Use at your own risk. For more information about using herbs medicinally, I highly recommend these books:  
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    Fresh chive flowers in Louisville - LIMITED TIME ONLY

    I'm thrilled to offer fresh chive flowers, while they last. Chives are a popular herb, especially as a finishing garnish, but the pretty purple flowers are also edible. Use them whole in salads or other dishes to add a pop of color and a bit of delicate onion flavor. Or steep them in vinegar to create an infused, slightly sweet oniony vinegar, perfect for flavoring salads or vegetables. Your chive flowers will include a few inches of stem, so they can be stored for a couple of days in a glass of water. For maximum flavor, however, you should use them quickly. Fresh chive flowers will only be around for a short time and there are limited quantities. Sold in "bunches" of four flowers. It takes about 3 bunches to infuse a quart of vinegar. Fresh chive flowers in Louisville are available in early summer.
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    Fresh Nasturtium Flowers in Louisville

    When it comes to edible flowers, it's hard to beat nasturtiums. These gorgeous, colorful flowers have a fresh, peppery flavor and are amazing in salads or sprinkled over a plate of cooked greens, poached fish or roasted summer vegetables. In addition to all the delicious ways to enjoy fresh nasturtiums, it's easy to infuse them into vinegar. If you've never made vinaigrette or quick pickles with nasturtium-infused vinegar, you're going to to love it! Seven to ten beautiful nasturtium flowers with stems per order. Greens will be available later in the summer. Nasturtiums can be used to make flavored oils, salts and herb butters.
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    Fresh Lavender in Louisville

    There's nothing like fresh  lavender. It's aroma is incredible and uplifting. For many people, inhaling lavender invokes feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Besides enjoying the scent, lavender flowers are a delicious treat to eat. They're often used in desserts, either whole or by infusing oil, butter or other ingredients. Lavender is a delicious addition to tea, and is especially nice with Earl Grey. Some people include lavender in Herbs de Provence and although it's not one of the original herbs in the bunch, it adds a distinctly Mediterranean flavor to the classic herb mixture. Besides it's aromatic, medicinal and culinary uses, lavender is simply lovely and makes an elegant and understated flower arrangement. While there are many ways to enjoy lavender in it's fresh form, it's also very easy to dry lavender. Get a bunch or two of fresh lavender while it lasts. Each order includes 15 mixed stems of 'Grosso', 'Phenomenal' and 'Provence' lavender in full flower. Order now, the fresh lavender won't be in season for long.  
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    Fresh Thyme Flowers in Louisville

    Thyme leaves add a distinct flavor to meats, vegetables, soups and salads - and so do the delicate white flowers that cover the plants each year!  The thyme flowers have a more subtle flavor than the leaves and are perfect as a finishing garnish on meat, fish, vegetables or salad. They're wonderful sprinkled over a platter of hummus or across a bowl of soup. Knead some into soft goat cheese for a delicious spread. Add them to bread dough, muffin batter or cookies. Freeze a few flowers into an ice cube for a beautiful accent to your drinks. That's just a few of the ways to use thyme flowers - you can pretty much use them in any dish you'd use the leaves in. Your thyme flowers are sold in roughly 1/4 cup bunches (loosely packed). Due to their tiny size and delicacy, they are simply cut and placed in a brown paper bag. For best results, use them promptly. These freshy thyme flowers in Louisville won't be around long, so order yours now. Thyme flowers can be used to make flavored oils, salts and herb butters. Back to Culinary Herbs