Some herbs were just made to be together! These classic combos include Herbs de Ville (our riff on Herbs de Provence), Poultry Blend, Chutney Mix and more.

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    Poultry Herb Blend in Louisville

    This special blend will be available in mid-May. It's a classic combination of herbs, cleaned, loosely tied with food safe twine, and ready to go. Stuff the bundle into the cavity of any roasting bird or simmer in the soup pot. Use the poultry bundle any time you need to add tons of flavor and depth to a dish. Despite the name, it's not just for poultry - try it with your next roast beef or in hearty vegetable soup. Sold in bundles. Each bundle is enough for a single mid-sized chicken or 10 quart stock pot. Back to Culinary Herbs
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    Mint Chutney Herbs in Louisville

    This special blend  of herbs for mint chutney is just a 2:1 combo of cilantro and spearmint, ready for your next batch of mint chutney. Speaking of, here's a great Mint Chutney Recipe from Archana at Ministry of Curry. Her wonderful recipe makes 14 servings and  calls for 2 cups of cilantro (leaves and stems) and 1 cup of mint leaves. Each Mint Chutney Mix contains enough herbs for half a batch. Don't want the mix? You can buy spearmint and cilantro on their own. Back to Culinary Herbs