Fresh curly parsley in Louisville

It's not a party without parsley! Ok, maybe it is, but you won't regret inviting this workhouse herb to your next gathering! While it's easy to think of parsley as just a random chunk of green garnish, it's so much more than that! Both flatleaf and curly parsley add a delicate, herbal note to heavy cream sauces, rich meat gravies and vegetable heavy dishes like bruschetta. When finely cut, parsley DOES make a great garnish, and adds a fantastic accent to just about any meat, fish or vegetable. It's especially great sprinkled over crisp roasted potatoes. Parsley works well with many other herbs, too. Dishes that are improved by basil, mint, thyme or rosemary usually sing when finished with a little sprinkle of parsley. Try adding a few leaves to your next vinaigrette or chutney. The curly and flat leaf varieties can be used similarly but do have distinctly different flavors and textures. Curly parsley is a bit more assertive, so use it when a stronger flavor is needed or if you want to cut through a rich sauce or dish. Grab a bunch of fresh curly parsley in Louisville today! Back to Culinary Herbs