Looking for super fresh eggs in Louisville? Look no further. The Splendid Flock of five hens produces beautiful brown eggs with gorgeous, rich yolks. The flock has unlimited outdoor access via their predator proof run. Their feed is organic, non-gmo whole grains like wheat, rye, soy, oats and millet. In addition to grains, the hens enjoy fresh and dried herbs from the garden, sunflower seeds, fruit, vegetables and greens. Although their diet is mostly plant-based, the girls can and do eat insects and worms, and very occasionally, a bit of animal protein via table scraps. They LOVE raisins, and tomatoes are a close second. Our chickens are frankly spoiled, and we like it that way. When you buy fresh eggs in Louisville from the Splendid Flock, you're getting high quality food from animals raised in safe and comfortable conditions by people who love them. Fun fact - the pale eggs are from Narcissa and Bellatrix, the Golden-Laced Wyandottes, also known as the Slyther-hens. The other hens, Petunia, Lily and Ginny, lay darker brown eggs. All of the eggs taste the same, only the shells are different. Fresh eggs in Louisville, available weekly during the summer and fall.