One of the easiest ways to use – and preserve! – fresh herbs is herb salts!

What’s an herb salt? It’s just a mix of fresh herbs that’s been combined with salt to create a dry seasoning. I use a variety of salts and herbs and create to create both simple and compound salts and salt blends.

Looking for a great workhorse herbal salt that goes well with almost anything? Try Just Rosemary! Want something a bit more polarizing? Midsummer Night’s Balm  (Citrus-Cilantro) might be just the thing.

Some herbal salts will be available most of the time, others use seasonal flowers or herbs and will only be around for a short time, like Pretty & Pink Chive Flower Pink Himalayan finishing salt!

While the salt preserves the herbs almost indefinitely, the flavor is best within the first few months. For that reason, I only make herb salts in small batches.

Every herb salt is prepared by me, and unless specified, only contains herbs or produce I’ve grown myself.

Herb salts are sold in 2 ounce bags. Due to Kentucky law, they are available for local pick up only.

I’m proud to say that I am a licensed Home Based Processor under Kentucky code.

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    Chive of Your Life


    Chive of Your Life - garlic chive salt

    This is a keeper! Sprinkle this garlic chive salt on French fries, baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, roasted vegetables, popcorn and more. The sweet, onion flavor of chives combines with dried garlic for a taste that's salty, savory and sensational. Not a fan of garlic? Bring the mild, sweet onion flavor of chives to any dish with Just Chive. It's also an excellent addition to dips or vinaigrettes. Looking for more chive flavor? Fresh chives are available seasonally in the Market Garden  
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    Looking at all of the delicious herb salts Splendor in The Ville offers but can't make up your mind? Try them all! Pick any four Herb Salts (excluding Pretty & Pink) and enjoy a 1 ounce bag of each. It's the perfect way to try all the wonderful combinations. During checkout, just note the four flavors you'd like from the list below.
    Current Selection: Trifecta - a savory blend of rosemary, thyme and sage. A true winner. Lemon Go Lightly - thyme and rosemary with refreshing lemon balm Just Chive - nothing but fresh chives and kosher salt. So good on potatoes! Midsummer Night's Balm - cilantro and citrus join sea salt Just Rosemary - fresh rosemary blended with kosher salt. A true multi-tasker  
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    Chive Salt - Just Chive

    Chive salt is exactly that - fresh cut chives blended with salt. Bring the mild, sweet onion flavor of chives to any dish with a sprinkle of Just Chive. It's also an excellent addition to dips or vinaigrettes. Looking for more chive flavor? Fresh chives are available seasonally in the Market Garden  
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    Rosemary Salt - Just Rosemary

    Is this the perfect seasoning? It might be! Rosemary (Just Rosemary) goes with just about everything, from roasted potatoes to popcorn. It's nothing but kosher salt and freshly harvested rosemary - the perfect way to add iconic rosemary flavor to anything and everything, even when you're out of fresh rosemary.  
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    Lemon Go Lightly - Thyme and rosemary salt with lemon balm

    Thyme and rosemary are a savory staple in the kitchen. They're a classic combo and this blend adds a little zest with the help of fresh lemon balm. It's divine on roasted chicken. Toss fresh vegetables with olive oil and Lemon Go Lightly before roasting or grilling for a delightful punch of citrus and herb.
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    Midsummer Night's Balm - Citrus Cilantro Salt

    Seasonally available While cilantro isn't everyone's cup of tea, those who enjoy it will want to get their hands on this blend! Enjoy the flavor of cilantro mellowed with sweet lemon balm on fish tacos, grilled summer vegetables or even sprinkled over a basket of chips. It's perfect for adding iconic summer flavor.
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    Pretty & Pink - Chive Flower and Himalayan Pink Finishing Salt

    LIMITED RUN This seasonal salt is as delicious as it is pretty. Sweet, oniony chive flowers add a light savory note to the nuances of pink Himalayan sea salt. Sprinkle over poached fish, piping hot potatoes or eggs or use as a finish for soups or sauces. This salt is in flake form and can be enjoyed that way or put through a grinder if a finer grade is desired.
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    Trifecta - Triple Herb Salt

    It's no longshot to say this blend of homegrown sage, thyme and rosemary is a winner. Use the Trifecta blend as part of a dry rub, marinade or finish on beef or poultry - it's a classic combination. Throw a pinch into soup, stock, stew or sauces to add a hint of herbal complexity. And it's great just sprinkled over potatoes, roasted vegetables and so much more. Looking for more herbal goodness? There's plenty of fresh thyme, sage and rosemary for sale in the Market Garden.