One of the easiest ways to use – and preserve! – fresh herbs is herb salts!

What’s an herb salt? It’s just a mix of fresh herbs that’s been combined with salt to create a dry seasoning. I use a variety of salts and herbs and create to create both simple and compound salts and salt blends.

Looking for a great workhorse herbal salt that goes well with almost anything? Try Just Rosemary! Want something a bit more polarizing? Midsummer Night’s Balm  (Citrus-Cilantro) might be just the thing.

Some herbal salts will be available most of the time, others use seasonal flowers or herbs and will only be around for a short time, like Pretty & Pink Chive Flower Pink Himalayan finishing salt!

While the salt preserves the herbs almost indefinitely, the flavor is best within the first few months. For that reason, I only make herb salts in small batches.

Every herb salt is prepared by me, and unless specified, only contains herbs or produce I’ve grown myself.

Herb salts are sold in 2 ounce bags. Due to Kentucky law, they are available for local pick up only.

I’m proud to say that I am a licensed Home Based Processor under Kentucky code.