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    Fresh cilantro in Louisville

    There's nothing like a sprinkle of freshly cut cilantro leaves! Add them to salsa, mix them into rice or garnish your pad thai. This herb is highly versatile and adds an unmistakable flavor and freshness to SO many dishes. Sold in bunches. Quantity is limited. Once the first round of cilantro "bolts" in the summer's heat, it will be hard to find locally. Making mint chutney? Check out the Mint Chutney Mix. Back to Culinary Herbs
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    Fresh rosemary in Louisville

    Rosemary is a perennial herb with a woodsy, floral flavor. It's delicious with chicken, beef and vegetables. It smells wonderful and is one of the herbs in Herbs de Provence.  Use fresh rosemary in recipes, like roasted chicken. Love rosemary and wish you had more ways to enjoy it? Grab some of my house made herb salt 'Just Rosemary'.

    What To Do With Fresh Rosemary

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