Food Preservation and Storage in Small Spaces


This book has 30 pages of important information on preserving and storing food, including best practices, preservation methods and environmental considerations. It’s a great resource for starting a food stockpile in a small space. It might seem like you need a huge house or tons of land to set up long-term food storage, but even small home spaces have room to store food!



It’s easy to think you need tons of space to get started preserving food or setting up a food stockpile. But the truth is that even in smaller spaces, you can still put up a food stockpile. In this 31 page e-book, learn about food preservation and storage in small spaces. The book includes measurements and other information to help you assess your storage potential and maximize your space, as well as breakdown of common methods of food preservation. You’ll also learn best practices for storing food long-term and what environmental factors you need to consider. A smaller space might present unique challenges but with careful planning and preparation, you can still preserve and store lots of food!

This is the first edition of Food Preservation and Storage in Small Spaces. I anticipate making updates to the book based on reader feedback. If you create an account when you purchase yours, you’ll get a free copy of any updated version I release through the end of 2021. Once you purchase your copy, it will be available for immediate download as a pdf. If you’d prefer your copy in a different format, email me and I’ll see if it’s available. Since this is the first edition, I’d love to hear any feedback you have once you’ve read through it.

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