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Fresh chamomile in Louisville now available

Sold by the scoop. Each scoop is approximately half an ounce.

Chamomile flowers have been steeped and enjoyed as a soothing tea for centuries. Most tea bags and mixes use dried flowers and leaves but the fresh flowers have an extraordinary flavor and they’re very pretty. You can also dry the flowers at home to make tea in the future.

While tea is probably the most common association with chamomile, it has lots of other uses, too. As a culinary herb, chamomile adds a light floral flavor to desserts though it’s best used by infusing butter, oil or another ingredient. When it comes to skin care, chamomile is a champion. It’s relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory, making it perfect in baths or as part of a salve or balm.

Learn more about Growing and Using Chamomile

DISCLAIMER: As with any medicine or medicinal substance, consult your doctor before using. The information offered here is just that, information. It is not given as advice or medical guidance. Use at your own risk.

For more information about using herbs medicinally, I highly recommend these books:


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Fresh chamomile in Louisville available through June

Ordering and Policies for Fresh Herbs

  • ONLY available for local pick up in Louisville, KY.
  • currently, the scheduled pickup time is Saturday from 11-2. If you wish to pick your order up at a different time, please email to set up a time. 
  • there are no refunds, returns or exchanges on herbs, including due to missed pickups
  • to pick your order up Saturday, it must be placed before 5 on Friday

The Pickup Process

Your order will be handpicked and prepared just before pickup. Each type of herb will be secured with a piece of twine. Then all of your herbs will be placed in a biodegradable, compostable paper cup, which will have a tag with your name and order. 

When you arrive to pick up your herbs, they’ll be in the red cooler by the back fence. Look for the Splendor in the Ville sign and you’ll know you’re in the right place. Find the tag with your name and take your cup(s). The cups have enough water in them to keep your herbs fresh until you get them home. You can store them in the cup for several days as long as you change the water. Once you’re done with the cup, don’t forget to recycle or compost it!

What to Do With Fresh Herbs 

Many people who purchase fresh herbs will use them for specific recipes or other cooking applications. In most cases, fresh herbs are added towards the end of the cooking process or sprinkled over the finished dish. Herbs can be steeped in warm (not HOT) water to make herbal teas or marinated in vinegar to flavor it. Here’s a few more ideas for using your herbs.


While herbs are generally safe to consume, there are always exceptions or contraindications. You should always seek medical advice before using herbs medicinally. We are not medical professionals, any information on herbs we offer is just that, information. By ordering, you agree to hold Splendor in the Ville harmless in relation to the purchase or use of any herbs, produce, eggs or other items. 

Fresh chamomile Louisville is available in June.