Fresh Feverfew


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Fresh feverfew in Louisville

Feverfew is a perennial herb that produces small white and yellow flowers. The leaves and flowers have been used as a remedy for headaches. They can be chewed fresh, dried, or steeped into a tea.

Your order will include leaves and flowers, on the stem.

Out of stock


Fresh feverfew in Louisville

Ordering and Policies for Fresh Herbs

  • herbs are ONLY available for local pick up in Louisville, KY.
  • currently, the only scheduled pickup time is Saturday from 10:30-2.If you wish to pick your order up at a different time, please email
  • there are no refunds, returns or exchanges on herbs, including due to missed pickups
  • orders open on Thursday with updated inventory. In order to pick your order up Saturday, it must be placed before 5 on Friday

The Pickup Process

Your order will be handpicked and prepared just before pickup. Each type of herb will be secured with a piece of jute. Then your  entire herb order will be loosely bundled, tied with jute, and receive a cardstock tag with your name on it. Each person’s bundle will be stored in a jar of water, in a red cooler.

When you arrive to pick up your herbs, just look for your name tag and take your bundle. Please do not take the glass jar. Your herbs will be fine for at least 30 minutes without water, but after that time, they should be stored in a vase, glass or jar with water. They will keep for several days, or longer, if stored in water. 

What to Do With Fresh Herbs 

Many people who purchase fresh herbs will use them for specific recipes or other cooking applications. In most cases, fresh herbs are added towards the end of the cooking process or sprinkled over the finished dish. Herbs can be steeped in warm (not HOT) water to make herbal teas or marinated in vinegar to flavor it. Here’s a few more ideas for using your herbs.

While herbs are generally safe to consume, there are always exceptions or contraindications. You should always seek medical advice before using herbs medicinally. We are not medical professionals, any information on herbs we offer is just that, information. 

Get your fresh feverfew in Louisville in the summer.