Lemon Balm


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Lemon balm is highly prized for it’s light, fresh lemony scent and flavor. The leaves are medium sized and flavorful. You can use lemon balm leaves to flavor salads, and desserts or even meats and vegetables. It’s best used as a garnish after cooking as the delicate flavor will be lost otherwise.

Medicinally, lemon balm can have a calming effect, and is often used in relaxation teas and tinctures. Whether the goal is therapeutic or flavor, lemon balm is a wonderful addition to iced or hot teas.

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Lemon balm is a fantastic addition to both cold and hot herbal teas, including these Three Delicious Recipes for Herbal Teas

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Fresh lemon balm in Louisville

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What to Do With Fresh Herbs 

Many people who purchase fresh herbs will use them for specific recipes or other cooking applications. In most cases, fresh herbs are added towards the end of the cooking process or sprinkled over the finished dish. Herbs can be steeped in warm (not HOT) water to make herbal teas or marinated in vinegar to flavor it. Here’s a few more ideas for using your herbs.

Fresh lemon balm is a refreshing addition to drinks and it’s aroma helps repel mosquitoes.


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Fresh lemon balm in Louisville is available in the summer