Sugar – Lavender & Vanilla


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Lavender & Vanilla sugar 

This lavender & vanilla sugar is absolutely divine. Sprinkle it over finished baked goods or treats, or swap the plain sugar in your next recipe. It smells so good you might just be tempted to eat it with a spoon!


Out of stock


Lavender and Vanilla Sugar

Splendor in the Ville is pleased to offer house made sugars, flavored with homegrown herbs and top quality extracts. Lavender and vanilla sugar is a classic flavor combination you’ll love.

Some sugars will be  available year round but others have seasonal ingredients and will only be around for a short time!

Wondering why you should buy infused sugars? They’re a quick and easy way to add depth and flavor to tea, baked goods, candies and tons of other recipes.

Sugars are shelf stable and will keep for years. For best flavor, however, you should enjoy within a few months of purchase.

Sold in 2 ounce bags. Only available for pick up in Louisville, like the rest of Splendor in the Ville’s products.

Splendor in the Ville is a Home Based Processor under Kentucky KRS 217.136.

Ordering and Policies 

  • ONLY available for local pick up in Louisville, KY.
  • currently, the scheduled pickup time is Saturday from 11-2. If you wish to pick your order up at a different time, please email to set up a time. 
  • there are no refunds, returns or exchanges on items, including due to missed pickups
  • to pick your order up Saturday, it must be placed before 5 on Friday

The Pickup Process

If you’ve only ordered sugar or salt, they’ll be in a brown paper bag with your name on it. Just open the red cooler under the Splendor in the Ville sign, grab your bag and go. If you also ordered herbs, eggs or produce, your salts will be with the other items. Look for the tag with your name.

Sugars are sold in 2 ounce packages. Each is packaged individually in a resealable bag.

What to Do With Infused Sugars

The great thing about these sugars is that they work well as an ingredient in a dish or as a finishing touch. The Lavender & Vanilla sugar is amazing in hot tea (especially Earl Grey) or dusted over freshly frosted cupcakes. It makes a fantastic addition to any cookie recipe. Use the infused sugars any time you want to sweeten while adding a pop of flavor.


While herbs are generally safe to consume, there are always exceptions or contraindications. You should always seek medical advice before using herbs medicinally. We are not medical professionals, any information on herbs we offer is just that, information. By ordering, you agree to hold Splendor in the Ville harmless in relation to the purchase or use of any herbs, produce, eggs or other items.